Monday, November 7, 2011

I do more than just running... I also do baking!!!

I'm in the break of my work and study today.  So, I decided to pick a recipe from this lovely book... and bake!!!

Yes! I enjoy baking and I love this TV series.  I don't think I'm good enough to be in a contestant. Baking is so much fun, creative and surprising.  Like today, I'm totally surprised by my creation!

I took the recipe from a contestant, Jason, the 19 years old baker.  His lovely creation, Cheese and onion tear and share bread.  I love baking bread, more than anything else.  So, when I saw this bread on TV, I wanted to try it already.  Simple ingredients and procedures.  I decided to give it a go.. and the result is....

My very first attempt of the bread! Yummy!
They may not be looking very attractive.  But they are definitely yummy! I wasn't able to stop tearing them and eating them... I'm so surprised to taste the softness of the bread, and the marrying flavor of onions and cheese in the bread.  This attempt has definitely given me extra boost to do more bread baking in the future.  In fact, I have started hunting for another one already :) If you want to know what it is, I think you need to be staying in tune to find out  :)

Couple weeks ago, I also baked a healthy version of Pumpkin muffin for my friend's birthday. I chose pumpkin because it is one of the popular food you will find in Thanksgiving celebration in USA.  My friend, is one of the friends who I can share laughter and tears together.  In order to thank for her friendship, I chose pumpkin... to show my gratitude towards her kindness.... and the result....

With some MaySze's twist here.....
They are quite dainty! But I always think that we are in the age of weight-watching... small but yummy muffin is better than big huge one that you can't finish or you will finish it with the mind of sugar and calories intake. To make it healthier, I didn't use sugar at all but honey; rice milk in the place of normal milk. I don't think the taste was compromised. On the other hand, I enjoyed it even more, so as my friend as well.  

I know that a lot of people putting the recipes on the blog to share.  I don't know whether I should follow the suit.  But my purpose of blogging it, simply, I want to share my joy of baking.  If you do find that they are yummy to you, and you want to have a copy of the recipe.  You can let me know and I will email you :)

It's time to go back to my study... Newborn life support day is on Wednesday.  I need to review it again!

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