Thursday, November 17, 2011

9017... 3 days to go and I have a question....

How much exercise is enough in the final week of tapering?

Yes! 3 days to go... I have arrived to Nice today and collected my bib number! 9017. As I open the package, I have realised that I have put 4 hours as my target time. Now, I really don't know how to give that result, since my best result remains 4 hrs and 24 mins. But will see.

This race was truly introduced by my running buddy in USA, Kathleen. She did this one last year. And now, I'm doing it. How do I feel right now? Actually, I'm overwhelming tired since I didn't get any sleep at all as my flight was 0720 in the morning. There isn't an overnight service from my place to the airport. As a result, I stayed overnight in the airport last night and finished one of amazing books.

Since I have arrived in Nice, I have not been stopped. I walked in Vienx Nice and went to the expo for the bib number. Now, I'm totally tired. I always find that it is a very fine balance between tapering and exercising during the final week before the race day. How much exercise is enough in the final week of tapering? Last time, when I was in Berlin, I realised that I might have overworked my two legs too much a day before the race day; therefore, my 2 legs weren't fresh as I was hoping for. This time, I don't want the history repeat itself again. That's why I'm in my hostel room and typing this.

Anyway, I still have 2 days to go. I will chill out again in these two days for this Sunday. If you have any answer for my question, please be free to throw in.

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fitzy said...

nice backpack! much more user friendly than the one they gave out last year. ;) hope you spend some time on the beach tomorrow!