Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 2 in Nice but not in Nice

After one day walking around in Vienx Nice, I decided to go outside of Nice coz honestly there isn't much to see apart from shopping.... (not my cup of tea). I jumped onto a train & travelled 2 hours, to a place called Entrevaux. It is a small town very close to the Alps in France.

What is so good about this place? It's kind random choice. But I picked this place out of all other small towns around Nice because it is kinda far from Nice and it is an medieval town built over hundreds years ago. If u know my love of history, then you will see why I draw into this small town.

To say that, I don't have much knowledge about this village. However, it a small village has its own charm. The medieval village was surrounded by a fortress wall. There is a building called Citadelle. It can be either a residence for the head of the village or a prison, on the top of a hill, which is in the village, within the wall. There are museums telling you the history but with my limited French. I can't give you more than what I saw. The village is small and actually quite packed. The roof is still made out of clay.

I did climbed up to Citadelle, not advisable to a runner but I was driven by my curiosity badly. The view from above is always beautiful. But Citadelle, the building itself,is quite run down, considering it is over 100 years old. Reconstruction is in process as I saw all the working tools around.

The surrounding view is beautiful. The Alps is magnificent! The Autumn color just glorified its beauty. Interestingly, the river bed, as low water level, is actually in pale pastel white color, it gives a very strong contrast against the Autumn colors from the mountains. Even though there are some areas with higher water level, the color of the water was chalk blue. It actually printed an interesting but beautiful picture.

It has been a good day out for me. With only 4 trains running between Entrevaux and Nice. That's how I now am in cold train station, typing his entey and awaiting for the last train back to Nice (it's coming at 1927...about 40 mins away).

Anyway, it is a day for me. I also have met another runner in my room today. Sue is an experienced runner. She has just finished the NYM about 2 weeks ago. She told me that she wasn't feeling great in NYM but she finished in 4 hrs (wow!). She hasn't set her time for this one, but i think it wont be too long. She also is a qualifier for Boston marathon next year and VLM as well (running with me!!) Impressive!

Anyway, there will be a breaky run tomorrow (��). Now, I just want to head back and sleep.... Good sleep.

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