Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small taste of Berlin

Truly, I have a small bite of it today. I went to a free tour today. Walked around this city and learnt about the its history in 3 hours time. What I have to say after that intensive history walk, "WOW! so much to know about this city!". It is interesting that I have come this city with an idea that Berlin is an international city with strong economic drive and lively spirit. German technology and their innovation always give some surprises to the world. Their history from WWII, it is easy to put an equation mark between German and evil. However, in my tour, as I learnt this history of this city and saw the city with my very own fresh eyes, I have relearnt about this city and realised that it is a city living in the scars from WWII and Cold War. The city itself is actually still rebuilding from WWII; people are still getting their heads around to learn how to live in freedom and trying merging two worlds into one. But I learnt the most is that German know and acknowledge their history, both bad and good, and choose to respect it and live with it positively. They also had experienced the hard time when communists were in power; like Chinese in Chinese revolution. They also burnt books and manuscripts that were against the communists ideas. They were perpetrators in WWII, and yet they took responsible for their actions and chose to acknowledge it. The city itself (about 92%) was actually badly damaged in WWII as well. Doubtlessly, it is a city with many scars. And today I just have a bite of it. I think, I will try to learn more tomorrow when I go for the concentration camp. It properly won't be that easy for me to take on.

On the brighter side, I have picked up my bib numbers for the run (hooray!). And Paula looks so good for the race as well. 'I am here to win!' she said. Of course! Who can stop her?! The health expo, where I picked my number, is held in a old city airport from Soviet Union in east Berlin. Quite a big massive building as it was always be for Soviet Union. I just go "wow". CJ is with me and took a few faithful photos. But I can't put upload them till I go back to London and process them. Sorry. They will come shortly.

One more thing. I have met a good friend today. In the tour, I met a gentlemen who will also do marathon this Sunday! And guess how old he is..... 70!!!!! (he just corrected me that he is actually 72 to be precise!). I feel shame already. And he is aiming to finish the race in 4 hours (mine target time is 4.15). He had has 6 marathons under his belt! Can you believe that?! I hope that I still can run marathon when I'm in his age!!!!! . He is definitely my inspiration. Wow!!

Many wows in this blog. And I know that it is still coming...

Time to hit my bed...

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