Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 days to go...

Can’t believe that I will be running one of the world marathons in 5 days time.

More encouraging to know that I will be running with Paula Redcliffe, the fastest woman marathon runner in the world in 5 days time.  What can I say more about this race?

I can’t put a right words to describe how I actually feel at this moment.  I would say that I’m excited, since I’m still awake at 3am in the morning.  And yet, I’m petrified about the race.  My preparation for this race has been long and challenging.  It definitely not smooth sailing.  Pain and blues in training were hitting me since my last marathon in May.

But here I am.. I will catch my flight to Berlin in 14 hours time.  Race will be on this coming Sunday. 26.2 miles run.
Exactly one year ago (25/09), I did my very first half marathon in London which changed my whole marathon world.  I wouldn’t believe that I will be doing my third marathon at that time.  But I’m doing now… 

If you want to know what the course looks like… here is the answer… 

Keep you in post about the run! Stay tune!

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