Saturday, September 24, 2011

Different day... Most importantly, the run is tomorrow!!!

Very different today, comparing to yesterday. Starting the day with a breaky run organised by the event organisation. And we ran to the Olympic stadium, which was built for 1936 Olympic game held by Hitler. It was short and easy run, just keep my feet in a good shape. Even more encouraging was that there were over 10000 runners together towards the stadium. It was something. My blood was just rushing over my body when I saw the stadium in front of me. For a one second, I felt like an Olympic runner running back to the Stadium, which was full of people cheering me on.... Wowowowww! It was just one second imagination. It was a very good and positive feeling, no doubt about that. In fact, the race will be started and ended at the Brandenburg Gate. It is a historical symbol of Berlin. Not a bad way to start and finish. I met a few Aussie are running this race as well... Cool. Go Aussie!

After a sad and heavy day, I went for another tour today, called 'alternative tour'. Don't know what you may think of it when you hear the name in Berlin context. It is a tour to look at Berlin's another well-known feafure, street art! It is completely different turn from yesterday. But I'm glad that I went. At the end, it is something that I intended to look into while I'm here. And I'm glad that I went for this tour as I really had no idea where to start initially. With the tour guide help, it has certainly become easier and at least I know what I should look for. A few famous artists were noted, like Blu, XOOXO, El-Bocho. You may not know who they are but when you see their work, you will go 'Oh! yeah....'. My CJ has the busiest day today. So you will see some of them later. Apart from the artistry of the street art, the struggle and tension on merging these two different worlds were also reflected in those street art as well. I truly enjoyed it very much. There are some artists are truly great and reflective.

There is one thing truly speaking clear and loud for me from yesterday in the camp to today the street art, Berlin is a changing city. And the changes are huge and rapid comparing to all other cities that I have been. It is not just only political, environmental, or economical changes, but most importantly, cultural changes, which interests me as I have observed and believed that culture is the hardest thing to change and mould as it forms and binds a nation and identifies them as who they are. But Berlin is still going through this as I'm typing. What is going to happen tomorrow in Berlin, truly it isn't that easy to figure out.

But for now, I know that I truly go to have an early for the race tomorrow! As you can imagine what my blog will be like....


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