Monday, May 3, 2010

Gaudi Part 2

Casa Mila (La Pedrera) - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Parc Guell & Casa Museu Gaudi - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Casa Vicens (not open to the public, photo only)
Casa Calvet (Resturant, photo only)
Casa Batllo (finally) - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Palau Guell

All these are Gaudi works in different period of time, in different projects.  Some are very nice and successful; but some are not as exciting as the others.  

Doubtlessly, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo are the 2 most well-known building; so as Parc Guell.  However, Parc Guell was an unfinished business after all. One thing I have to say, as a tourist in Barcelona, I need to get to those well-known building as early as the door opens.  Otherwise, it's just filled up by people very quickly and you will be very annoyed by the numbers of people and lacking the chances to take nice photos!

We can read all we can and know how pretty and great about Gaudi's work.  But to be there and seeing for myself, it is totally another story.  I have to say, after seeing all Gaudi's work, I'm totally impressed by his forward-thinking idea, observation, passion, and vision.  For example, in Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, both buildings were designed to allow the maximum sunlight to shine through the building.  Now, when you reading, you will think that it's no big deal.  But considering the time when Gaudi (about 19thC) was designing the building, nature light was not on their dictionary of design and architecture.   It truly shows that how clever, innovative, and futuristic that he is; and yet it is practical! His work is not only pretty to look at, but also comfortably and convenient  use; useful and pretty can go together!

Parc Guell was another showcase for Gaudi.  A failed commission work is like a clever vision Michael Jackson Neverland for me.   It's a place truly full of fantasy, with colours and giant walkways, even though the commission was actually failed! But the place was built with purpose, and layout was drawn creatively and purposefully.  I can't imagine what it would become when this park was built completely  according to the plan.  I wonder whether the original layout planning is still here or the complete layout wasn't there at all, as the park was continued to plan as it was being built. 

From this park, I also believe that either Guell was a very visionary man or Gaudi.  As the location of the park is the mid-level of a hill.  We can see the Barcelona from high,  Imagine, if the park was built completely, it would be a massive statement, about wealth and creativity , to the people in the Barcelona, and even to the world.  For Guell, it would be a statement of wealth; for Gaudi, it would be a statement of Creativity.  From another point of view, Guell properly just purely admire the work of Gaudi; and the location of the park was a playground for Gaudi.

Apart from Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and Parc Guell, others Gaudi works may not that popularly known.  However, they all have their unique characters in them.  I think that the only regret that I have was Palau Guell.  I would love to see those colourful chimneys on the rooftop; however, it was prohibited to enter due to maintenance work.  But most certainly, each building were different.  You can say that I'm totally obsessed with his work.  And I'm! 

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