Monday, May 3, 2010

After the drama, it's all about Gaudi! Starting with Sagrada Familia.

Did I tell you why I have chosen Barcelona over all the cities in Spain? Gaudi! It's truly the only reason for me to come to Barcelona.  After the LnF incident, finally, my heart was at rest to enjoy his great work. 

Of course, the most impressive work is Temple Expiatori Sagrada Familia.  I summarised my experience after visiting this massive work in my journal in 2 sentences:
  1. How Gaudi built this building with his strong observation and understanding of the nature
  1. The work is still in progress from 1882. 
It is not an usual classical church that I used to see in Europe.  There isn't full of tradition image (figure) of Jesus, Saints or Mary in this building.  No massive traditional glass window.  But the whole building apart from the both facades, it is full of plants and animals, whose power and beauty are fully displayed.  When I stepped inside of the church (construction site?), and saw the ceiling is filled up with something like leaves in the forest, and each pillar looks like tree beck.  As I learnt later, Gaudi designed in this unique way because he believed that church is like a shelter for everyone.  Therefore, he designed the interior of the church with this forest image to indicate that church is a place who gives shelter to everyone who walk in.  THIS is the heart of Christ… I truly believe.  If the tradition churches (like Notre Dome) revealed the magnificence and greatness  of  God; I believe that this church revealed the heart of God.  

The church without those traditional images gave me stronger sense of closeness to HIM.  As I said, this church revealed the heart of God, but it does worship and display HIS glory by all the animals and plants in the building.  Didn't God create all of them? Didn't God architect all of them with great mystery and power, which are yet for us too learn and discover?  Gaudi with his amazing observations, he discovered those unseen mysteries of the nature, and he put them into his design. Consequently, he created those magnificent building; to me, this building is much greater than any church that I see, it isn't only displaying the grandeur of this building; but most important of all, the heart of God. 

I'm wondering that I'm liking this building so much because I have a same sense and attitude towards nature.  I always think that we need to respect the nature; not just by saying but putting them into practise.  I don’t worship the nature, as nature is the products of God.  But as the all are made and created by God; I believe that God revealed His heart, characters, and nature in his work.  As I said before, Art reflects a nature of one true self.  If we really want to know who God is, we will know by looking around his creation!  Therefore, respect His work is to show respect to God! Gaudi did beyond that.  He respected and then  watched, observed, studied, and then applied what he knows about architecture into his work; he melt all nature ability, power with His knowledge and creativity and respect together to create this magnificent building.  That's why, by all mean…. It is the greatest church for me.  Thank You God for showing him to me.  I always think my stubbornness on nature is odd, finding that there are probably not that many people, including Gaudi, it makes me feeling much more like a normal person now. 

Passion Façade, where I started my tour in this magnificent church.  The name of the façade says what this entrance is all about.  What more to say when we see the story of Christ who giving up his life for all sinners in the world.  This façade was completed 1954, after Gaudi death.  Architect Jordi Bonet took over the project and Josep Maria Subirachs created the giant sculptures in this façade.  Some said that they are too far off from Gaudi's idea.  However, I found that Gaudi probably like the interpretation; I find that 2 styles did melt together in a great way.  I'm still touched by the great love displayed in this façade.  For me, I'm even  having a greater joy to see that Jesus' look is not fixed in one certain look. 

I just simply can't wait for it's to complete (est in year 2026-2030).  What is it going to be like?? It's good to know that there is a church always there to warmth mankind's heart with HIS LOVE and welcoming spirit.  Thank you God for showing these to me!

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