Monday, May 3, 2010

Barcelona is about sick, lost, found, beauty...4am.

Finally, I'm able to sit down and collect myself to relook my trip in Barcelona.  This trip has certainly much more than I was hoping.  It is very rightly to summarize the trip by these words, sick, lost, found, beauty and 4am in order.

I think this trip is one of the most trip had the most expected elements, which making it so unique.

Day 1... sick is because I was coughing and tummy pain...
Yes.  It all started with coughing.  Cough was my companion all the way to Barcelona. I had this coughs before trip which made me sound horrible.  It was massive big coughs that everyone would stare at me for a good 1 minute. Despite my horrible coughs, I managed to go to see Mr Picasso, who actually spent 10 years of his life in this city.  Visiting his museum was quite an invitation for me, to know more about his work, and him, as a person.  

Among all his works, the 'Las Meninas',   definitely is the most inspiring one to me.  He had drawn a series of paintings based on his very own interpretation of the work from Diego Rodriguez's ' La Familia de Felipe IV' . The series of Las Meninas are relatively much more abstract than the original one.  But what this series of painting teach me that, being original, interpret the work and express them in MY way, not Rodriguez and even Picasso.  For me,  it takes gut to do so… as I know that I haven't had the guts to do it.  Maybe, it's the inspiration, to push me slight more further. Maybe, it's time to get out of my whole realistic drawing.

After Picasso, I due to my hostel bed and decided to have a whole Gaudi day.  Who knows that I had a day which was totally out of my plan. 

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