Monday, May 3, 2010


After sightseeing all the Gaudi work, I went to other well-known tourist spots to do what tourists are supposed to do.  I did go to Olympic site to imagine the busyness of the games in 1992, try to do some souvenir shopping in La Ramble, try to get sunbathing happening in the beaches, check out different historical building in the cities, and attend a concert in a historical Palau de la Musica Catalana and was wowed by the massive ceiling!

It was uneventful until my last leg in Barcelona, back to airport to catch the flight back to London.  So what happen this time? Easyjet's computer system in Luton (the headquarter) was experiencing some difficulties (i.e. crash), so all the flights departing from Barcelona were delayed at least another 2 hours.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 2200 hours, it was postponed to 0030 hours.  In those 2 hours, I was doing some of reflections about the trip, which are mostly shared on this blog.

However, I was quite worried and anxious about the delayed.  Even though London time was one hour behind, I truly landed in London about 3am.  But it's just Standsted airport, not my home yet.  Another 1 hour journey from Standsted to my flat, which made me to be home really at 4am in the morning.  The thing was... I need to be at work at 0745 in the same morning.  In the other words, I had only about 2-3 hours in between to wash myself up and tried to get some rest. You may say that I could call off sick leave; but then, it wasn't too late for that anyway.  So, I went to work... and don't ask me how it was the day.  I felt tired already even just now I'm typing this.

To sum up, the trip was different due to all these different expected elements in it.  All the events that you don't want to experience in travelling all happened in this trip in the time of 6 days.  That's why it made me quite tired and drained.  But now, I'm looking back, I do think that I enjoyed this trip; I do like this city, probably not as much as like other cities.  I'm glad that I have been.  And I do believe that it was a good choice of visiting this city. 

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