Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Berlin.....again

I don't normally go to a city more thn one time unless I really like it, like Paris. I'm here now in Berlin and typing this....

Yes... After 2 months, I found myself back to this city again. Last time, when I came here, I realized that I wasn't able to explore this city as much as I would love to. I just had a little taste of it and then I had to pack and go. This time, I came here for Christmas markets and Berlin again.

Two things for me that I would love to dig more in this city. One is the history, both Nazi and Soviet Union; second is the graffiti. With these two in my mind, I had one day history day, one day graffiti day. The history is still heavy to me but at least it is not stranger anymore, especially, after reading the book entitled 'a woman in Berlin' and my knowledge from my last visit in the concentration camp. It is still very interesting to me.

It is always fun to check out those graffiti. You will find my new findings towards the end of my blog...

Of course, Christmas markets. I really don't know how many here but everywhere I go, I will hit one. I have been so many to a point I'm well saturated with those Christmas atmosphere! After my days walk on history and graffiti, Christmas market is truly my evening adventure.

I'm typing this in the last night on Berlin. No more Christmas market but I will head to see ballet tonight, danced by Staatsballett Berlin. Tonight is THE classic, Schwanensee (Swan Lake). And the prime ballerina is Polina Semionova. ( I'm so excited to see her! Just purely can't wait.

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