Thursday, October 27, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris 

My life is more than just running.... But I do admit that, I'm very picky on movie.  You may have heard how good this movie is. But I can't help to say that again for myself... IT IS A VERY GOOD MOVIE!

Paris is always my favorite city. I did dream about moving there, like Gil in the movie.  It has its magic, the charm that you want to stay there longer.  Woody Allen has done a fantastic job in showing Paris in a different way.   You still can see the romance that you dream about Paris in the movie; and yet you can have some Woody Allen sense of humor in it.  Paris is still beautiful and romantic, the story has just added another layer onto it.

I love the screen-write.  It is very witty, funny, light and yet poetic with all different 'celebrities' putting together in a 2 hour movie. I was just laughing all the way.  The clever part is how you do know each 'celebrity' in the movie by the dialogue even though you are not a Wikipedia to know all 'celebrities' lives and their works.  To be honest, it would be my dream too, if I can meet all these great writers and painters in one world.  I don't mind to stay in this dream a little bit longer.

Having a beauty in a movie always adds some more favor in a movie.  For me, Marion Cotillard is the beauty in this one.  Needlessly to say how pretty she is already; in those 20's dresses, she just looked even more stunning and elegant.  Alice, my ex-houseband from my old flat watching the movie with me last night, and I love her last white dress...

Not the best photo to show the dress,
 but it's the best  it can  get!
Alice doesn't really like Owen Wilson, in general.  But I found that he is the best person to play Gil in the movie, the character that is indulging in the past with confusions.  He obviously not that clever looking as Michael Sheen, but those confusing and 'not-so-sure' looks do make you laugh and sympathize with him. Only thing for me, that irritates me slight from Wilson, is his broken nose... I just feel 'Ouch!' everytime when there is a closed up...Ouch!

I love the music, as I'm soundtrack person. Love Cole Porter music... I could just sing and dance along with the music when I was watching the movie (but the cinema was almost full!).  
Love the the dress in 20's.  Vintage!

For me.. it is the best of everything I love in one movie.  So.. I love this movie!

I don't want to put too many movie photos in my blog,
but I just like Adrien in it as .......

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