Monday, October 10, 2011

In or Out?!

I was one of 17000 people waiting for the results....

What was I waiting for? A guaranteed place in London marathon 2012.

After my experience in Berlin, I realise that I really want to run in a soil that I'm familiar with. 'It would be very nice, if there are people I know during the course. Cheers, hugs, and just a poster to keep you going have suddenly become valuable and exciting in a hard run. That's why I decided to try my best to get into London's marathon.

When I saw a lovely red jumper and then the rejected magazine, my heart was just can't help but sink.

Didn't get a spot!

What is next?

London marathon has about 25000 places for 125,000 to 170,000 applicants. So, the chance to get a spot is 1 in every 5 entries. There are about 35000 to 40000 people running every year. If you are good with math (unfortunately, not me), there are 10000 to 15000 places to be filled by charity places.

This is the Charity that I'm running..
what this Charity does, I will introduce you later!
As my desire to take part in the marathon so strong this time, and I do want to run this special marathon with a good course, I quickly ran through the magazine (that's what it is for) to look for a charity place to run. But fundraising isn't that easy. To find myself a spot to run in the Olympic city in 2012, the target is even harder to reach. Anything from £2000 to £3000 is normal. So, after all the searching and email correspondings, I have found a charity, VICTA, which a charity that helping visual impaired children and families. It is a local charity in Milton Keyes. And their major funding actually is from London marathon. So, I decided to run with this charity. Apart of running the race itself, I would love to run in a team, to build a strong team relationship with someone having a same goals and commitment together. I do believe that having training with others, it will help to keep running interesting and sharing with other running experience definitely is helpful.

So, I though I was out; but now, I'm in! Next, will be getting my fundraising activities started and most importantly, start thinking about training, even though I still have one to go..

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